[Still Forms on Foxfield]

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"Is anybody out there?"

Foxfield. Home of the plantlike Commensals, with their bizarre group-mind, the One. Home too for the human colonists who founded a peaceful culture and, with the Commensals' help, adapted to a harsh biosphere.

For 100 years, Earth was silent. Now, from the ashes of World War III, rises a new and powerful interstellar government offering Foxfield citizenship and technological marvels--at the cost of freedom... and with the threat of destruction if they refuse.

Still Forms on Foxfield was Joan Slonczewski's first novel. It was published by Ballantine in paperback in 1980 and reprinted by Avon in 1988. Although it's currently out of print, it can be found in second-hand bookstores.


"Slonczewski resolves the central conflict beautifully, giving us what science fiction is supposed to provide: a new way of looking at things."

"This woman's prose juggles quantum mechanics with the best of the 'hard' lot!"
--Science Fiction Review


"Still Forms on Foxfield is a deceptively quick read at only 214 pages. The book packs quite a thematic punch, and despite a few indications here and there that it is indeed a first novel, it is also a highly enjoyable story."
--James Schellenberg, on the Challenging Destiny web site (the entire review is here)

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