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"Landfall" was Joan Slonczewski's third published short story. It originally appeared in The Other Half of the Sky edited by Athena Andreadis and co-edited by Kay Holt, published in paperback by Candlemark & Gleam in 2013. "Landfall" is the first chapter of her next book, The Blood Star Frontier, which is a sequel to The Highest Frontier.


Here's an excerpt from a review by Paul Weimer on SF Signal that you can find here:

“Landfall from the Blood Star Frontier” shows off Joan Slonczewski’s knowledge of biology and her skill in depicting an aliens slowly colonizing the Earth. The political commentary is particularly biting and adds an additional sharpness to the the story.

Here's an excerpt from a review by Andrew Liptak on Geek Exchange that you can find here:

“Far too often, it seems that there’s an attitude that women can’t or simply don’t write the sort of hard SF and space opera that’s traditionally been published. This book utterly crushes that assumption with its incredible range of stories and superior level of writing that’s consistent throughout the entire anthology. The Other Half of the Sky is an anthology that’s long overdue, and I hope that it’ll serve as a good example for future authors and readers in the genre.”

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